Built in Asia is your solution for overhead reduction and an international model of remote working. We build and deliver custom parts, sub-assemblies and finished products to our customers. Once it's designed we will engineer it, conduct value analysis for best performance, cost and sustainability, then model it, manufacture and ship it for you. Our local presence ensures all of our services are expertly executed. Our staff are on the factory floor to make sure your product meets your quality standards, specifications, that no shortcuts are taken, and your costs don’t change.


Engineering is not just a CAD design. It is innovation based on experience in materials and technologies that result in a spectacular product. We are experts in engineering from conception thru delivery, providing spectacular results every time.


We are experts at estimating the cost of manufacturing new products. We provide accurate estimates of the price, tooling and process timeline from start of tooling to delivery. We keep you informed of production progress with status updates until final delivery.

Technical Feasibility

There is usually more than one path to reach your design goal. Our team reviews your design and applies our experience and diverse manufacturing knowledge before committing to a single manufacturing approach and we will advise how best to move forward.

International Sourcing

Our global sourcing team assures each of our customers receives only the highest quality products manufactured by our proven factory partners for the best cost possible.


BIA has extensive experience manufacturing in ALL materials, media and technologies. Our manufacturing engineers understand process from both a technical and practical approach based on decades of working directly in factories. We often bridge technology applications and apply our knowledge to achieve innovative solutions.

Supply Chain Management

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, our certified logistics specialists handle all product coordination, transportation and warehousing based on your strategic requirements.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DMFA)

Our production process begins with a design review to offer options for the most cost effective, sustainable materials and processes. We ensure your design intent and brand image are maintained going into production while focusing on the number of components, handling, and ease of assembly.

Product Design

We partner with Abstrategy Design to bring your ideas to life. We can help refine objectives, research competitive or related products, and create sketches, models or CAD drawings either remotely or in person.